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  • Sunday 15th of September 2013 12:25:57 PM
  • Posted by Caleidra

What An Amazing Year!

What an amazing past few months it's been. Being asked to perform at the BBC is a huge honour, as is being featured on ITV. Being asked to perform live an acoustic version of one of your tracks on the BBC is truly amazing. But this is nothing compared to the support and messages I've had from my fans and I'm so grateful. I really want to give as much as I can to you with my music and it's great that we're all on this journey together and really from the start. My dream more than anything is to play this music to you live.


Being on ITV Granada was a great experience and I love that team. They are so friendly and I remember seeing old footage of The Beatles filmed by ITV Granada when they were just starting out playing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. They have such a great history and reputation for supporting new artists who are trying to do it the right way.


2013 kicked off in a great way. As well as the BBC, performing on Salford City Radio was also fantastic. This radio station really supports new artists like me and Ian Rothwell from Salford City is someone who really gives you a chance. So does Mark Ghinn at Blast1386 - awesome.


I wrote 'Miss Me' back in August 2012, so it takes ages to go from there to finally getting it released 6 months later. There was the call from John McLaughlin, a music legend, having written and produced tracks for acts like Busted, Mark Owen from Take That and Westlife as well as Echo and the Bunnymen and Shane MacGowan from the Pogues, it was amazing that he wanted to work with me. That day in the studio with Dave Thomas Jr was a great experience and the sound they managed to get on the final recording was brilliant. I had already recorded a demo version, with much of the arrangement that made it onto the final record, but John and Dave took this up a few levels. On the day of recording my vocal, John picked me up from the hotel in Glasgow and was so easy to get along with. I was in the studio, ready to record at 10:15 in the morning and nailed the vocal straight away. He also said in the studio that I was the youngest person he'd worked with where...

John didn't feel it necessary to change the song!


Once the recording is complete, there is the video . We worked with an up and coming director, Adam Crossley who was fantastic and worked so hard. We actually shot 2 versions. One was very indie and raw, the other sumptuous and very period drama. They both featured a great actor, Jack Nolan, who like me was 16 and has already been in a feature film called Blood with Mark Strong and Brian Cox (the actor who was in the Jason Bourne films, not the physics guy who actually went to the same school as me) as well as lots of BBC dramas and is in a play at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester. The version released was the 2nd version. Maybe the other indie version will be shown someday.


The video featured a live scene that was filmed at my school. That day of filming was awesome. We had my live band, Adam, Reece, Byron and Matt, as well as lighting engineers - Dave and Karin and the stars really were the pupils from the school who were amazing in the video. The school and teachers were great and so were the caretakers who hung around late until we'd finished filming.

We also shot some scenes at a huge hall in Manchester, called Heaton Hall, which was opened especially for us by Philippa. It was cold, especially because I was wearing a little dress, but it's a fantastic place.

In the spring 2013, 'Miss Me' was finally released and it was such a great feeling to finally get this out to you. Thanks again for your amazing support.

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