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Caleidra Is Born!

  • Sunday 1st of April 2012 12:00:00 AM
  • Posted by Chris Hoosen

15 years old and Caleidra is born!

Even at the young age of 15, Caleidra has been desperate to perform her music after writing her first song 2 years ago, aged just 13 years.

Winning music competitions at school, dreaming of a double life; on the one hand being at school, lessons...the usual stuff...but on the other, performing amazing music to fantastic fans.

Her friends are surprised at how mature she looks when she performs, when on video or photo. She is incredibly assured.


"People often mistake me for 18 or 19," laughs Caleidra, but...

...I'm definitely still only 15!

Caleidra's voice is incredibly powerful. She has been compared to greats such as Shirley Bassey although it is rock that is in Caleidra's heart.

Writing her first song after the death of a close friend in 2010, aged just 13 years of age, Caleidra has now completed a stunning album of material.

Having a fantastic ability to not only write fabulous lyrics, but to combine that with wonderful music, incredible arrangements and of course there's that voice!

Caleidra is born!

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Caleidra Rocks!